With the serious accident this morning on Highway 108, I found this info. Now I’m not sure exactly how the accident happened, but if you ever find yourself behind the wheel of a runaway car, maybe you’ll remember these tips. – Justin Flores (Star 92.7 Morning Show)


Gas pedal stuck? Consumer Reports hit the test track to try and figure out the best way to stop a runaway car.

* First they accelerated to 60 mph and hit the brakes with the accelerator still floored. Once the brakes were applied, the vehicles began fighting the driver. The transmissions downshifted trying to maintain speed.
* Instead of holding the brakes, the driver tried pumping them. This test confirmed that pumping the brakes is a really bad strategy. Power brakes rely on engine vacuum to provide additional brake pressure. At full throttle, the engine doesn’t generate any vacuum. So as soon as the driver removed and reapplied pressure to the brake pedal, the power assist disappeared and stopping the car became hopeless. Consumer Reports’ test engineer said: “There was no way I could push hard enough on the brakes to slow the car down when the engine was fighting me.”

* Bottom line: The best strategy to stop a runaway car is to press and hold the brakes and shift into neutral. Modern cars have rev limiters, which will protect the engine from over-revving. Even if your car doesn’t, don’t worry about your engine’s life — worry about your own.

(From Justin) : Ever have an out-of-control or runaway car? What did you do? Become a registered user of this website, it’s free, and comment please.

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