‘Tis the season for students to give gifts to teachers. From a survey of teachers, here are some of the more interesting gifts they say they’ve received.

  I had a student who wrapped up his lunch money. He had skipped lunch that day.

  I received a used roll of duct tape.

  One year a child gave me a plate with crumbs on it. There had been cookies on it, but the kid ate them on the way to school.

  My aide received one earring. When she asked about the other one, the student said he gave it to the librarian.

  I got an avocado wrapped in aluminum foil.

  Once I received a box of chocolates and shared them with my students. Soon the kids were all spitting them out. When I looked at the box, I realized they were full of cognac.

  I received a box of chocolates one year. At home, I put it in the freezer. A few months later, I opened the freezer and took
out the box. Inside was a tie.

  A child once gave me the most unique Christmas gift ever: a mug that said “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

  I received a wall calendar that was about to expire

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