TV’s Biggest Bombs and Blunders

Entertainment Weekly lists what it calls “TV’s 50 Biggest Bombs and Blunders.” Here are the top 25, in order:

  1. NBC putting Jay Leno at 10pm.

  2. Fox yanks “Family Guy” off the air, twice in 1999 and 2002.

  3. ABC airing “Cavemen” based on the Geico ads in 2007.

  4. ABC episode of “Moonlighting” were David and Maddie hook up in 1987.

  5. UPN infamous sitcom “The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer” in 1998.

  6. Premature exiting: Pernell Roberts from “Bonanza” in 1965 at the end of the 6th season. Shelley Long walked out of “Cheers” in 1987 at the end of the 5th season, and David Caruso leaving “NYPD Blue” during the second season of the show.

  7. NBC airing “Coupling” an adaptation of England’s sex obsessed version of “Friends” in 2003.

  8. ABC overdoes it with “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” between 2002-02.

  9. The WB cuts Felicity’s hair, producers decided it would be dramatic for star Keri Russell to chop off her signature long, curly mane at the start of the second season.

  10. NBC and World Wrestling Federation teamed up to create an alternative football league The XFL in 2001.

  11. Terrible late night talk shows including Fox with “The Chevy Chase Show” in 1993 and the syndicated “The Magic Hour starring Magic Johnson” in 1998.

  12. ABC letting reality hosts destroy the Emmys by celebrating the Emmys new category Outstanding Reality Host nominees “Survivor”‘s Jeff Probst, “Dancing With the Stars”‘ Tom Bergeron, “Deal or No Deal”‘s Howie Mandel, “Project Runway”‘s Heidi Klum, and “American Idol”‘s Ryan Seacrest host the entire show in 2008.

  13. CBS Jackie Gleason apologizes for “You’re in the Picture,” a game show which featured celebrities sticking their heads into an illustrated backdrop, then guessing what famous scene they were a part of.

  14. ABC when “The Brady Bunch” added Cousin Oliver in 1974.

  15. CBS for dropping a bunch of kids in a New Mexico ghost town and letting them created their own society, called “Kid Nation” in 2007.

  16. Network and stars pass on hit shows including HBO passing on “Mad Men,” which won raves and Emmy’s for AMC, ABC turning down “CSI” now a CBS winner, Rob Lowe could have been ‘McDreamy,’ if he’d taken ABC up on its offer to play Derek Shephard on “Grey’s Anatomy” the role went to Patrick Dempsey.

  17. NBC with “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” which ran from 2006 to 07.

  18. ABC follow up to Happy Days disaster “Joanie Loves Chachi” between 1982-83.

  19. NBC cancels “Baywatch” in 1990 rates weren’t high enough to pick up the show for a second season, however it ran in syndication for 10 more seasons. NBC canceling “JAG” in 1996, which CBS picked up and the show ran for 9 more seasons and spawned the hit spin off “NCIS.”

  20. CBS replace Bo and Luke Duke with cousins Coy and Vance on “The Dukes of Hazzard” when John Schneider (Bo) and Tom Wopat (Luke) walked out over a contract dispute in the spring of 1982.

  21. Fox with the “American Idol” with kids show “American Juniors” in 2003.

  22. Fox reality show following aspiring filmmakers On the Lot even exec-producers Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett couldn’t make this a hit in 2007.

  23. The “Lost” rip-offs of 2005; NBC “Surface,” CBS “Threshold” and ABC “Invasion.”

  24. NBC president Fred Silverman convincing the network Americans would love a variety show starring Japanese pop duo Pink Lady who spoke little English with the show Pink Lady and Jeff in 1980.

  25. Totally absurd musical dramas including CBS running Viva Laughlin in 2007 and ABC running Cop Rock in 1990.

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