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I have had the privilige of watching my wife, week after week, save bundles of money grocey shopping. I have compiled a list of things that she does and thought I’d share with you. Maybe you have some ideas that can be added to this list. Although she will cut coupons, most of the time it’s just preparing without the need for coupons.

Here’s hoping you have a pleasant shopping experience this week!

-Justin Flores

Here are five ways to cut your food bill by at least 25% without using even one coupon.

1) Shop the Grocery Circulars. Everything on the front page is half off. It’s true. Buy one, get one free deals are big too. You probably won’t see prices as low for two or three months, so stock up. If you don’t get the newspaper (the circulars are often in the Food section), Cherry-pick the best deals at a couple of stores.

2) Make a Shopping List. Study after study has shown that shoppers are less likely to make impulse buys and purchase items already lining their pantry if they shop from a list. It can be as simple as a piece of notebook paper. Or, try out a free online service like ZipList.

3) Keep Your Loyalty Card Current. Most of us use store loyalty cards to take advantage of weekly specials. Just make sure the grocery stores you shop have your current mailing and email address on file, or you may find yourself missing out on even better specials promoted to members only, like free product deals. At some stores, you’ll need to take the extra step of registering your card online for the most exclusive weekly deals.

4) Befriend the Butcher. Find out what time of day and which day of the week the must-go priced meats are set out for purchase. These can be a fantastic bargain. My wife has learned the day of the week that meat is clearanced!

5) Shop Alone. Two reasons: One, you reduce the temptation to cave to little voices asking for fruit snacks and cookies. Two, you’re more aware of the prices ringing at the register.

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