Sunshine is GOOD!


Do you like to soak up the sun? Have you been frightened by all the talks about the harmful effects of sunshine? Relax and enjoy the rays, because experts say they’re really good for you if you obey some simple rules. “Try to stay out of the sun between the hours of 10am and 2pm,” warns Texas dermatologist Dr. Milton Moore. “Apply the appropriate level of sunscreen to your face and body — 15 SPF to 45 SPF if you’re at the beach and subject to the reflection of the sun’s rays from sand and water.” If you follow those tips, Dr. Moore says, you can reap the many healthy benefits of sunshine:

* Sunshine beats the blues. People are happier and less prone to depression when the sun is shining.

* Moderate sunbathing relieves skin disorders, acne and psoriasis sufferers can see marked improvement from brief sunbathing, says Dr. Thomas White, an expert in Britain. He suggests limiting exposure to 15 minutes daily.

* Sunlight helps cure insomnia. According to Dr. Moore, catching the sun’s early morning rays regulates the body’s time, which means a more peaceful night’s sleep.

* Sunshine gives off vitamin D, which slows osteoporosis.

* Sunshine eases migraine pain.

* Diabetics are healthier during summer months because the sun’s rays help regulate insulin levels, say experts.

* Sunny weather helps weight loss.

* Sunshine reduces arthritis pain.

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