Swimming Season: Pool Safety

  • Never leave children unsupervised around a pool.

Children should never be left unsupervised around a pool, even if they are able to swim or are with other children.

  • Teach children proper pool safety and etiquette.

Children should be taught not to run, jump or push others around a pool.  In addition, they should also be taught about the dangers of diving into shallow water, the areas where diving is allowed and why it is important not to urinate in pools.  Children should be aware of the health risks that urinating in pools can cause.

It is also important to teach children not to sit or stand near a pool drain, the drain suction can be very dangerous and children should be aware of this.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 36 people have died and 111 people have been seriously injured from the strong suction of pool drains since 1985. 

  • Keep all non-pool toys and objects away from pool.  

Children’s bikes and other toys should be kept away from the pool.

  • Fence it in.

All pools should be fenced in, especially inground pools. 

  • Learn CPR.

Anyone who supervises children in pools should know CPR

Most Locations are only required 1 Lifeguard for every 50 people.  So you have to help keep an eye as well.

I can’t wait to take the first dip of 2010. – Justin

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