Movie Rage

A phenomenon called “Movie Rage” is sweeping the nation. According to a poll of emergency rooms, more and more patients are going to the theater to see the latest flick and departing in an ambulance. “Movie Rage makes Road Rage look like child’s play,” says Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, an ER physician at Our Lady of Angles in The Outfield in San Diego. “I patched up a woman who was viciously stabbed with a nail file. She kept answering her cell phone during a movie. The lady sitting next to her went berserk.” The survey showed the behaviors most likely to result in assault with a deadly weapon are:

  • Talking
  • Crunching popcorn
  • Repeatedly sucking the last two dribbles of soda from a straw
  • Answering a cell phone
  • Rattling a plastic bag of candy
  • Tipping boxes of Raisinettes or SnoCaps so the contents slide back and forth
  • Blurting out the ending of the movie
  • Kicking the back of the person’s seat in front of you

Question: You ever lost your cool in a movie theatre? – Justin

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