Picked Flowers Day

69% of young adults love giving and/or getting flowers. If you plan to send flowers, here’s what they mean:

Violets: “I return your love.”

Gladiolus: “You pierce my heart.”

Gardenia: “I love you deeply, but in secret.”

Apple blossom: “You are my favorite.”

Bachelor’s button: “Single blessedness.”

Red carnation: “I love you.”

Daffodil: “Best regards.”

Goldenrod: “Protect me with your love.”

Lily of the Valley: “My happiness is returned.”

Petunia: “Never despair of me.”

Buttercup: “You are rich in all attractions.”

Wisteria: “I cling to you.”

Zinnia: “My thoughts to you absent friend.”

Jasmine: “Sensuality”.

Daisy: “I will think about it.”

Yellow tulip: “Hopeless love.”

Salvia: “I think of you always.”

White lily: “purity and modesty.”

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