Ok, So the boss sent his annual “Summer Dress Code” email a couple of weeks ago. So I decided to search for some expert advise regarding this subject. Here’s what I found. Oh yeah, and Happy Summer 2010! – Justin

It’s getting hot out there, but don’t let the heat melt your judgment when it comes to what you wear to work. InStyle fashion director Hal Rubenstein says, “The important thing to remember is that you’re at work. It’s not the beach and it’s not the weekend.” Some tips for dressing for work in the warmer months:

  • Assess your feet before wearing sandals. “Even a great pedicure doesn’t hide every foot flaw,” Hal says. So, choose sandals with thicker straps (for more coverage) and a back that covers your heels. And flip-flops are always a no-no!
  • Say no to silk and linen. These fabrics may seem perfect for summer, but silk makes you sweat and linen gets crazy wrinkled! Opt for cotton or lightweight wool.
  • Shorts shouldn’t be too short! Shorts for work should be around knee-length and in a work-friendly fabric like cotton or lightweight wool.
  • Choose a standout summer dress. Stick with classic color-block dresses with sophisticated details, not a flouncy chiffon dress that may feel light and pretty, but says “date night,” not “going to work.

Question… How conservative do you have to dress at work? Is it hard finding appropriate work clothes for summer?

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