Women’s Health gives us some Father’s Day stats:

1966 was the year Father’s Day was first declared a holiday.

1 in 5 women say their first word was “dada.”

  • 18% of women hope to find a guy just like their dad.
  • 15% of women said as kids they thought their old man could kick Superman’s butt.
  • The Average Woman’s all time favorite sitcom dad is ‘Cliff Huxtable,’ The Cosby Show
  • Coolest thing the Average Woman’s dad taught her to do how to be a ‘Ms. Fix-It.’
  • She calls her dad a average of 6 times a month.
  • She visits her dad 3 times a month.
  • She spends her quality time with dad yapping over coffee most often chatting about her lazy brother, nagging mother, or mooching uncle.
  • 50% of daughter’s send dad a card for Father’s Day.
  • 42% give him a call or a gift.
  • $88.80 is the amount the average woman spends on her dad for Father’s Day.
  • $122.16 is the amount the average women spends on her mom for Mother’s Day.
  • The most popular gift for Father’s Day is a necktie.
  • 30% of dad’s think a necktie is the worst choice for a gift.
  • 22% of women say they’re closer to their Dad than their Mom.
  • 1 in 3 say Dad’s easier to talk to than Mom.
  • 26% of women would describe their dad as a tough guy.
  • 14% of women think their dad is a big softy.
  • Nearly a third of women say their trait they inherited from Dad and which they hadn’t is his temper.
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