Drinking & Driving The Worst On July 4th

There are more fatal traffic accidents during the Fourth of July weekend than any other weekend of the year. More than 400 Americans are expected to die on the highways over the holiday weekend.

July fourth is typically the worst day of the year for traffic fatalities. Although data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows July fourth is the deadliest day to travel, six of the 10 days with the most deaths were also holidays or near holidays. July 2 and July 3 are also in the top 10 worst days to travel.

Also, more motorcyclists are killed on July fourth than any other day. As you might have guessed, with the weekend barbeques and drinking, 41 percent of the deaths on July fourth involved people with high blood alcohol concentrations, as did 51 percent of the deaths on January first. 

Top-10 days for traffic accidents:  

10. September 2nd

9. July 2nd

8. August 12th

7. August 4th

6. August 6th

5. January 1st

4. August 3rd

3. December 23rd

2. July 3rd

1. July 4th

Wouldn’t be nice to wake up Tuesday and say “what a weekend”! Please drink responsibly. – Justin

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