OK Ladies, see if you agree with this:

A Women’s Health magazine poll gives you the scoop on vacation adventures:

  • 59% of women leave town for a vacation once a year
  • 44% of women are taking fewer vacations due to the recession
  • 1 week is the average length of their vacation
  • $500 to $1,500 is the annual amount the average woman spends on vacations
  • Her number 1 travel companion is her husband or boyfriend
  • The beach is her favorite escape


  • Top 3 reasons she gets out of Dodge
  1. to spend quality time with friends and family
  2. see the world
  3. take a break from her daily routine


  • 25% of women say their “must have” hotel amenity is a gym
  • 19% of women don’t have a passport

What would you say? Sound about right? – Justin

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