The average woman absorbs 4.4 pounds of chemicals every year from makeup! This should pretty much freak you out. According to scientists in Australia, every year, the average woman absorbs about 4.4 pounds of chemicals into her body because of her makeup.

  • On the average day, between face creams, base, lipstick, eye shadow, hair spray and everything else, a woman can apply as many as 175 chemical compounds to their skin and hair.
  • The good news: In theory, all of those chemicals are actually safe. The bad news: That’s not 100% guaranteed.
  • There’s a group of preservatives called parabens that are in about 99% of leave-on cosmetics and 77% of rinse-off ones… and some experts think they’re hormone disruptors.
  • What that means: they can mimic estrogen… and, too much estrogen has been linked to a higher chance of breast cancer. They can also have a negative effect on male reproductive functions… but since men don’t wear makeup, it’s not as much of a problem.

The researchers also found that the average woman inadvertently eats five lipstick tubes a year… which, over the course of her life, is the equivalent of about six pounds of pure lard.

Question: Is this enough to make anyone STOP using make-up or lipstick?

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