What Else To Grill?

There’s nothing bad about a hamburger or hot dog right off the grill, but why stop there? There are so many other things you could throw on the fire that you may not have even thought of.

Here are five extra things to grill (besides burgers and hot dogs):

5. Oysters. It’s pretty easy. Just throw the oysters on the grill, and when the shells open up, they’re done.

4. Grilled cheese and other sandwiches.

3. Pizza. Grilling the pizza provides a similar taste to a brick oven pizza.

2. Beer Can Chicken. Put a beer can inside a whole chicken and let the cookin’ begin.

1. Fruit. If you haven’t cooked fruit on the grill, than you’re missing out on one of the greatest things ever.

We had some friends grill up some peaches and they were the best! Just slice the peach in half and grill away. Delicious. – Justin

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