Guys wanna get on the good side of your lady?

Then clean up the house and do the laundry. A survey found that women felt they did most of the work at home compared to men. And they said guys will score more point with their mates by doing household chores rather than taking them for romantic, wine dinner or weekend trips. “Modern men are clearly missing the trick,” explains psychologist Cary Cooper. “If they take a little more time to help out their partners with the ironing, they will reap the rewards in the long run and earn a lot of brownie points. “Many women are still working the double shift, doing the household chores and having a career whereas men still have a working role primarily. “What women obviously want to see is somebody who will do chores but also have an active domestic role in the family.”

Please share this and make sure your guy reads it. You just might come home to a clean house. – Justin

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