Simple Money Making Tips

  Batteries: Stuck without a D battery? The MacGyver fix: Put a C battery in the slot and add three to five quarters to mimic the size of a D

  Search for a Freebie: Go to and type in the name of the software you’re thinking of buying. You’ll get a list of substitutes—some of them free—with user ratings

  Self-Check Your Way to Savings: Use the self-checkout line at the supermarket. Your impulse buys will drop by 17 to 32 percent. (Not incidentally, this translates to an annual weight loss of 3.1 pounds for men and 4.1 pounds for women.)

  Skip the Drying Cycle: Save electricity and time by “flash-drying” your dishes. Just open the door to the dishwasher after it shuts off. Since the dishes are at their hottest point, they should give up moisture pretty quickly

  Clean with Cold Water: Rinse grease residue (but not pans of it!) down the sink or garbage disposal with cold water, not hot. Hot water merely “melts” grease until it reaches distant areas of your plumbing, where it solidifies, builds up, and eventually causes clogs. Cold water, however, solidifies the grease early on so it floats down the pipes harmlessly.

  Seal the Deal: When negotiating salary, let the employer make an offer. Repeat the number and be silent. A higher number will often materialize to fill the void and seal the deal.

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