2011 Farmers’ Almanac Winter Predictions Are In

Continuing a tradition almost as reliable as the winter season itself, the “Farmers’ Almanac” revealed its annual long-term weather forecast Monday, this year predicting an overall “kinder and gentler” season for the contiguous United States.

For the eastern third of the country (New England down to Florida and as far west as the Mississippi River), forecasters predict “much colder-than-normal winter temperatures” — but generally not as frigid as conditions felt last winter, which saw 49 states experience snowfall. New England in particular should be sure to bundle up, as forecasters predict a “cold slap in the face” compared with last year’s uncharacteristically mild winter for the region.

Across the Western states (Pacific Coast to the Rockies), a “milder-than-normal” winter is expected. The Midwest and central states should expect about normal winter temperatures.

“Overall, it looks like it’s going to be a kinder and gentler winter, especially in the areas that had a rough winter last year,” managing editor Sandi Duncan told The Associated Press.

The 194-year-old Maine-based publication, which claims 80 to 85 percent accuracy (a good reason to listen up), is also predicting that three storm tracks will emerge during the winter season.

The print edition is available now.

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