Scientists have discovered that our fellow critters really can be amazingly strange. Here are some of the weirdest facts about the animal kingdom:

  • Humans and Dalmatian dogs are the only mammals that get gout.
  • A bat’s leg bones are so thin, it can walk on two feet.
  • A flamingo can only eat with its head upside down, so it can filter microscopic algae through its beak.
  • Fleas have killed more humans than every war put together, because they carry the bubonic plague.
  • A female flea can drink 15 times her weight in blood every day.
  • A newborn giraffe falls 6 feet down to the ground and almost never gets hurt.
  • One female oyster can have 100 million children in her lifetime.
  • Some alligators can spend winter with their heads frozen and their noses sticking out through the ice to breathe.
  • An albatross can have a wingspan of 14 feet and can spend two years without ever touching land coming down only to breed and nest.
  • Keen eyed dragonflies can pinpoint a moving insect from 33 feet away.
  • Mosquitoes find the color blue twice as attractive as any other color.
  • Dolphins can hear sounds underwater from 15 miles away.
  • Dolphins only sleep with half their brains at a time and with one eye open.
  • Rabbits love licorice, but they shouldn’t eat it because they can’t digest sugar.
  • Elephants have been spotted in the India Ocean, swimming miles to shore.
  • Snails are the world’s greatest nappers. They’re able to spend three years catching a wicks 40 winks.
  • Great white sharks can do without food for three months no wonder they’re so hungry.
  • Bees have hair on their eyes, which they use to help collect pollen. And they’re really are busy it takes 4,000 flowers to make one tablespoon of honey.
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