Facebook Posts!

So I have seen facebook posts that have just baffled my brain and I have found out what it’s all about! Read on and then answer the question yourself on your post. – Justin

As a way to show their solidarity and support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women are posting a Facebook status update that begins with: “I like it on…” As in: “I like it on the floor,” “I like it on the couch” and “I like it on my desk.” The answer: It’s not sex. It’s where they like to keep their purses when they come home:

  • I like it in the backseat.
  • I like it on the staircase hanging from the rail!
  • I like it on top of the TV…but it usually ends up on the floor!
  • I like it hanging from a kitchen chair.
  • I like it under my desk.
  • I like it on the kitchen counter or on the steps leading upstairs.
  • I like it on the seat of the car, on top of the desk, in the office, on the table.
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