Cutting Your Own Bangs

Shh … don’t tell your stylist but we think it’s totally okay to trim your own tresses between visits.


1. Start with dry hair, styled as you usually wear it.
2. Section out your bangs (and face framing layers if you plan to trim those too) and put the rest of your hair back in a ponytail or pins.
3. Decide where you want your bangs to end (mid forehead, eyebrows, cheekbones …). Then, comb bangs straight down with the comb teeth facing away from your forehead. Stop the comb at the level you’ve chosen and let it act as a barrier.
4. Start cutting at the center of your forehead and work your way to the sides – that way it’s easier to see the shape you’re creating. Snip your hair with the scissors pointing at a 45 degree angle (never straight across). Be sure not to cut your bangs any shorter than where the comb rests.
5. When you’re finished, shake out your bangs and try combing them in a couple of different directions to make sure you didn’t miss any sections.
6. Let down the rest of your hair and blend if necessary.

Voila! Fabulous bangs that you can take all the credit for!

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