• Gather six friends & along with yourself, have everyone wear a simple outfit. Attach a capital  C” to each. (You’ll all be the Seven  Seas. This can also be a solo costume if one person adorns his/herself in multiple letter  “C’s”. )
  • Cut two eye holes out of an old sheet to wear & carry a box wrapped in holiday paper. (You’ll be the ‘Ghost of Christmas present’.)
  • Dress as if you’re heading to a funeral & safety pin some plastic vomit to your slacks or skirt. (You’ll be morning/mourning sickness.)
  • Wear your simple black dress and pair it up with a plastic mob hat & a plastic Tommy gun. Variation: Tuck some fake money in your pockets & stockings. (You’re Bonnie from Bonnie & Clyde.)
  • Dress in all black & run yellow electric tape down your clothes. (You are a street. Attach toy cars on your street and stage collisions for fun.)
  • Cut a hole in the laundry basket, attach to your shoulders with rope. (You’re dirty laundry.)
  • Cut the front off of a regular-sized cereal box and hang it around your neck with a string tied to each corner of the box front. Stick a knife handle through it and you’re now a “cereal killer.”
  • Use make-up to blacken one eye, then apply the letter “P” with duct tape onto a sweatshirt or T-shirt. Variation: This can also be an outfit for a group of people, if you want to be “The Black Eyed Peas”.
  • Attach pink balloons to your clothes and wear a shower cap. (You’ll be a bubble bath.)
  • Fill a clear trash bag with purple balloons,cut holes in bottom of the bag for your feet, pull bag up around yourself and go as a bunch of grapes. Add green felt cut in the shape of leaves to go around your neck.
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