Scary Workplace Bosses: What Halloween Character Is Your Boss?

The workload is the most scary aspect of the job for 18-percent, while deadlines, performance reviews, meetings, and the boss are other frightening elements.

When asked which Halloween character their boss most closely resembles

  • 11% -percent picked “The Wolfman – is fine one minute, howling the next.” 
  • 10% – percent say “The Invisible Man – never around.”
  • 9% -percent call the boss “Casper the Friendly Ghost – eager to help, but often misunderstood.” 
  • 6% -percent feel they work for “Dracula – constantly sucking the life right out of you.”
  • 5% – percent say their boss is “The Wicked Witch of the West – always acting conniving and sending out minions to do his or her dirty work.”
  • 4% – percent say they work for “The Mummy – slow-moving and has an ancient thought process.”
  • 3% – percent call their boss “The Grim Reaper – constantly delivers bad news and inspires fear among workers.” 
  • However, 20% -percent say their employer is “Glinda the Good Witch – liked and respected by all.”

Share amongst your co-workers. Have a great week. – Justin

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