Are You A Charmer?

Ladies Home Journal writer Margaret Renkl identifies the five traits of charming people:

  1. A Sense of Humor – More important than poise or social ease, being funny attracts people like magnets. Make someone laugh, and you’ll have an admirer.
  2. Insight and Passion – A charming person has a unique ability to be fully engaged in the moment. They tend to be highly intelligent, curious and creative.
  3. Effortless Social Grace – Your mother called it poise. A poised person knows exactly what to do and what to say in every social situation, no matter how awkward or strange.
  4. An Interest in Others – A charming person is a sparkling conversationalist. When a charming person asks another, “How are you?” she really wants to know the answer. “Fine” isn’t enough of a response. She asks about the other person’s life. How are the children doing? Is your sick mother getting better? There is sincere, not feigned, interest.
  5. Curiosity About the World – Being deeply curious about all things is a trait of charming people — from trying new foods to reading books to meeting people. They always want to know more, and that attitude is contagious in that it inspires in others a sensation of energy, deeper engagement and greater curiosity.

What do you think is the most charming thing a person can do?  Share with friends and have a great week! – Justin

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