Snacks Between Meals = Good For you!

Snacking between meals is good for you. It keeps your blood sugar levels on an even keel and prevents you from becoming so hungry that you pig out at mealtime. You can reap amazing health benefits from snacking right. Here, according to numerous studies, are the best snack foods going:

  • A protein rich hard boiled egg has just 80 calories, but it’ll make you feel full for hours.
  • Almonds are another good source of appetite suppressing protein and fiber.
  • Dark chocolate is loaded with anti-oxidants that lower blood pressure and protect your heart and it doesn’t cause blood sugar levels to spike.
  • Popcorn is an excellent source of fiber, which is essential for digestive health. It also fights cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  • A tablespoon of peanut butter, while high in fat, will take the edge off hunger pangs.
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