Book Review With Maryann

Something new for 2011 is “Book Review with Maryann”. From time to time she will give you some insight to what she’s been delighting in. We start this year off with a look into:

The Pull of the Moon by Elizabeth Berg.
What others have said:
”Turning fifty seems to turn women crazy. When Nan hits this mark, she hits the road, leaving behind her home and her husband. Driving west from Boston, she consults only her own pleasure. And while this sounds easy, it is often arduous for Nan, who can hardly remember what her own pleasure is…upbeat from beginning to end.” —-Boston Sunday Globe
“Breathtaking.”—-The Charlotte Observer
“This is not a novel about a woman leaving home, but rather about a human being finding her way back.”—-Chicago Tribune
What I say:
I know I’ve enjoyed a book when the first thing I want to do is go find another story by the same author. That’s just how I felt after reading Elizabeth Berg’s The Pull of the Moon. She writes simply, clearly with fine details of things you will see, smell and feel. Please enjoy this book.
~Maryann Curmi
Maryann would like to give this book to you! The first to email her can have it. Good Luck and thanks for reading the “fine” print. 🙂
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