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Veronika, a young writer from New Zealand, rents a house in a small village in the midst of a harsh Swedish winter. She has come here alone hoping to come to terms with a recent tragedy while finishing her last novel. Her arrival is observed by Astrid, her elderly, reclusive neighbor who harbors a dark secret from her past. Astrid offers Veronika companionship in her grief, and the two embark on an unusual and unexpected friendship. As the seasons change around them, Astrid and Veronika slowly reveal their stories to one another, and what happens between them over the course of the year will change both of their lives forever.
What the reviews said;
“Emotionally satisfying…not only impossible to put down, but impossible to forget.” ~New Zealand Canvas
 “Evokes, with great beauty and precision, the landscape of a friendship.” Kim Edwards, author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.
What I say:
This novel by Linda Olsson is extremly powerful in it’s subtle way.  The rare friendship between these  two women from different generations is captivating.
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