Macarons! Your New Business Venture

A lot of folks making cupcakes have had some serious success. Now here is the latest and greatest business opportunity for you. It looks like macarons might be the new cupcake, becoming America’s trendy new dessert that’s spawning shops in places like New York, Seattle and San Francisco. The famous Parisian pastry shop Laduree, which invented the macaron more than 100 years ago, opened its first branch in the U.S. two months ago in New York. Macarons are small, delicate pastries that consist of two round cookies made of ground almonds and sugar with buttercream or jam sandwiched in between. They are tinted with food coloring and come in a whole range of colors and flavors, from the traditional, like raspberry, to modern creations like salted caramel. Check out the picture below. I would like to be your first taste tester too. 🙂 – Justin

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