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Check out MyCar, the fun, huggable, two-seater from GTA. MyCar is our first product and evolved from a concept car created by the world-renowned Italian designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro of Ital Design.

MyCar is a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. NEVs are low-speed vehicles; and depending upon the state you live in are limited, by law, to 25-35 mph. No highway driving, please.

MyCar is a pure EV and can be recharged from any regular household socket. No gas! MyCar costs about two cents worth of electricity a mile to operate. MyCar is quiet and clean and economical to drive and maintain. It will help save the environment and will keep money in your pocket.

MyCar went from concept to reality under development guidance provided by EuAuto Technology Limited in Hong Kong. This company was acquired by GTA in May 2010, and the car has being further refined by designers and engineers in the US and China for sales around the world.

GreenTech Automotive’s MyCar was named electric vehicle of the year at the 2008 European GreenFleet Awards. Not bad at all!

MyCar is truly your car. With loads of options, packages, colors, and graphics, MyCar can be customized to reflect your personality. MyCar is super fun to drive, and just might be the coolest car in your neighborhood. Stay tuned as we communicate more about MyCar through your favorite social network.

We are proud to say, MyCar is creating jobs right here in America. Soon to be manufactured in Mississippi, MyCar will be sold both in the US and around the world. Keep on the look-out for MyCar availability in your area. Be one of the first in line to own this innovative new vehicle. You’ll even find state and federal incentives to make your MyCar even more affordable.

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