Top 10 Most Annoying Things Drivers Do (+1)

It’s Justin from the morning show! Hope you’re having a great week. Sorry to say I am guilty of all 10 things listed here. Including number 11!  Please be safe and I promise I will to. thanks. -Justin

MAN WAS USING LAPTOP WHILE DRIVING: Authorities in Britain pulled over a man who was drinking coffee, driving and using his laptop at the same time. During a five-day crackdown on distracted drivers, police said they stopped 84 vehicles total including 39 drivers were on their phones. Among the other violations was a man eating a pear with a knife and another driver writing down answers for a radio contest.

Top 10 most annoying things other drivers do:


1. Talking on a cell phone

2.Driving too fast for road conditions

3.Not cleaning snow off their cars

4.Not signaling when turning or changing lanes, or leaving a signal on

5.Leaving high beams on

6.Faulty equipment (ie. Bald tires, etc.)

7.Taking two spaces in a parking lot

8.Staying in the far left lane

9.Not acknowledging making a mistake or overreacting to an honest mistake

10.Dangerous loads improperly secured

11.Picking your nose

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