Brussels Sprouts

Spoke about this story this morning.

PARENTS DON’T FORCE KIDS TO EAT BRUSSELS SPROUTS ANYMORE: Nearly a third of parents (28 percent) admit they have never even tried to get their children to try a dreaded vegetable from their childhood: brussels sprouts. A further 29 percent of parents say they have tried to serve the greens in the past, but don’t any longer because their children don’t like the taste.

So, Rob called in to share his recipe for delicious brussels sprouts. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks Rob!

“Hey Justin:
Regarding your pondering this morning about Brussels Sprouts. I have a recipe that you might enjoy. I usually do this with the addition of new red or Yukon Gold potatoes, carrots, turnips and any other root vegs you like. Wash and cut the Brussels Sprouts in half. Toss any that don’t look good.Wash and cut the remaining vegs so they are about the same size. Place on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with your favorite high temp oil. Add your favorite spices, put into a hot oven, 400′ to 450′ roast for 10 minutes. Check for doneness, they should still have some firmness, don’t cook them to mush. If they’re not quite ready, shake pan to redistribute oil and put back in for 5 minutes. YUM!!!”

the phone call was fun with Rob and if you want, you can click below to listen to our conversation.

Brussels Sprouts Talk With Rob


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