Do You Have Co-Workers Whose Behavior Grosses You Out?

Sometimes employees can get a little too comfortable at work, doing things that may be fine in their living rooms, but can gross out their co-workers in the office. Yahoo! Shine polled employees in a variety of industries to find out which of their co-workers’ behaviors make them cringe. Some of the responses:

  • “Every single day one of the other teachers pops a bag of microwave popcorn in our communal kitchen, eats it, and then rips open the bag and thoroughly licks out the inside.” -Adrian, Middle School Teacher
  • “I often work until at least 8 o’clock and at around 6 pm, there are almost always gobs of toothpaste with little pebbles of food streaking the bathroom sink from some aggressive tooth-brusher who thinks its okay to cleanse their mouth and not wipe out the basin. Not to mention the white flecks on the faucet and handles that you have to touch to turn on the water! Eew!” -Jamie, Web designer
  • “Clipping your fingernails during a meeting! My boss runs a pretty successful hedge fund, so he thinks he can get away with it. But it makes me shudder!” -Margie, Executive Assistant
  • “One of my co-workers, who happens to be a clean-looking, pretty young woman, apparently feels so rushed she frequently takes both her computer and food into a bathroom stall. You can hear her in there chomping on an apple, typing, etc.” -Alice, Grant Writer
  • “Getting ready to go out on a date after work by putting on some mascara and lipstick is one thing, but my co-worker shaves her legs in the ladies’ room sink!” -Elizabeth, Medical Assistant
  • “I really miss the days when people went out to lunch. It’s nauseating to watch people eat at their desks — especially finger food like fried chicken, falafel, hamburgers, and French fries drowning in ketchup.” -Dan, Editor
  • “Please don’t be lovey-dovey and recap your previous night’s escapades with your boyfriend or girlfriend over the phone. You might think no one gets it from your side of the conversation, but the rest of us want to gag.” -Jon, Systems Analyst


  • What do you think of these examples of behavior that grosses out co-workers?
  • Is there a person in your office who has a habit of doing something that grosses you out? If so, what is it? Have you ever said anything to him or her about it or gone a higher-up?
  • Considering your own behavior, can you think of something you do at work that could be potentially making your co-workers cringe?
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