What Could a Homemaker Get in the Open Market for What They Do in a Year?

The website Investopedia has put together a calculation of what a typical homemaker could demand in the open marketplace for the things they do in a year, getting a value for each service as an individual professional career. Here’s what they came up with:

  • Private Chef — The American Personal Chef Association reports that its personal chefs make $200 to $500 a day. Grocery delivery charges are added too because homemakers have to shop and bring the food home. Delivery services charge a fee of $5 to $10. Total cost: $1,005 per five day week = $52,260 per year.
  • House Cleaner — Professional maids or house cleaning service providers will charge by the hour, number of rooms or square footage of the home. They use an estimate of $118 per week for a total of $6,136 per year.
  • Child Care — The International Nanny Association’s 2011 survey found that nannies make $600 to $950 per week on average. Total of $600 a week = $31,200 per year.
  • Driver —Using a private car service formula based on a flat membership fee and then an additional per minute charge, they come up with $4,168 total per year.
  • Laundry Service —Using a standard by-the-pound charge, they came up with an estimate of 90 cents per pound multiplied by 4 pounds of clothes per day for five days a week for a total of $936 per year.
  • Lawn Maintenance — These services cost about $30 a week on average, for a total of $1,560 total per year.

The Final Tally — When all of these are added up, it comes out to $96,261 per year.

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