• A lot. That’s right, it’s two words.
  • A while. Again, two words.
  • Believe. This one follows the old “I before E except after C” rule.
  • Congratulations. It’s easier to remember to use a “t” (instead of a “d”) if you just say “Congrats!”
  • Embarrass. The word is long enough for two sets of double letters (“rr” and “ss”).
  • Fiery. The “e” from “fire” hides inside when things get hot.
  • Grateful. There’s no “great” in “grateful.”
  • Its. Like “his,” “hers” and “ours,” this possessive doesn’t have an apostrophe.
  • It’s. If you mean to say “it is,” use an apostrophe to join the two words together.
  • Lose. Lose the extra “o.”
  • Misspell. Mis + spell.
  • Principal. The head of the school is your pal.
  • Receipt. The “except” part of the “I before E except after C” rule.
  • Separate. The two “e”s are separated by two “a”s.
  • Weird. Remember that “I before E except after C” rule? This word breaks it.
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