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How to make Clean Up Fun as heard on Maryann In The Morning Show on Star 92.7!


Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids actually ENJOYED doing chores? This morning Maryann shared some ways to make clean up time a little more fun!
Okay, I know you think I’m nuts….but hear me out. Make cleaning up a GAME instead of a chore!
Here are a few tried & true ‘clean-up’ games that REALLY work!
These cleanup games are fun for all ages, but they’re especially exciting for ages 3-7. Of course you can play too, or if you have an only child and they have a friend over before the friend leaves try one of these games on that room that looks like a hurricane just blew through!
1. On your mark, get set, go! Set your kitchen timer to five minutes and see how much stuff your kids can pick up before the buzzer goes off. Whoever picks up the most stuff in five minutes wins the game. We recommend picking up any of the larger “obstacles” before starting to prevent any racing injuries. (Since my daughter was an only child, I played with her. But when she had friends over, this game was played a lot. Once in a while I’d hear her friend exclaim “ Hey, we play THIS game at my house too!!”
AND…. If your kids get too quick for five minutes, up the ante by setting the timer to one minute.

2. Counting challenge. This game is great for kids who are just learning to count. Practice counting and clear clutter at the same time! For this game, choose a number (10 is a good place to start). Ask your kids to pick up that number of toys. Have them count out loud as they pick up their toys and put them away. (I remember my daughter WANTING to pick MORE things up!! She was very proud of how high she could count!)
3. Guess the secret item. This game works best if you have more than one kid in the house. Before your cleaning session, choose two or three “secret” items in the mess. Without giving your little ones any hints, have them start cleaning up. Whoever picks up and puts away the “secret” items will win a special prize of your choosing. Tip: If you have just one child playing pickup, have them guess the secret items, instead. If they guess right, they win!
4. Color match. If your little one is still learning colors, make cleaning time double as color-practice time. Look around the room and ask your child to pick up all of the red toys. Then, move on to another color. Play this game until all of the clutter is put away. (They might even get ALL of the crayons up if you know your colors!)
5. Play pretend. This type of game requires a bit of imagination, so it’s perfect for those who still love to pretend! (You might be surprised to find that older kids still LOVE to play pretend!)Before cleanup, come up with a character or animal for each of your kids to be, and then have them act their part as they’re cleaning. Fancy maids and butlers, wild safari animals or dinosaurs are a few ideas.

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