Ways to be Her Hero this Weekend and Beyond!

Wanna really impress a girl? A few tips …

• Forget the weights & protein shakes.She doesn’t need you to be perfect-looking, just not fat.

• Instead of a backseat DVD theater in your car, use the money to buy a nice pair of shoes.

• She doesn’t really care what the plan is … just have one.

• Candles. They are so cheap and they are so effective.

• When you give her a gift, include a card in which you write
something nice.

• Get covered garbage cans for your kitchen & bath. They hide stuff
she doesn’t want to know about.

• Short-sleeves are for golf only; sandals are for Jesus only.

• When she asks you to accompany her to a wedding or a family
event, RSVP within 24 hours.

• You might not know what she wants you to get her for her
birthday, but her friends do. Ask them.

• Wash your dishes. Pick up your clothes. Swiff. She’ll think you’re a
responsible adult.

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