Split California Into 6 States?

Californians may soon get a chance to vote on splitting their state
into six smaller ones, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Venture
capitalist Tim Draper has gotten formal approval to start collecting
petitions for his “Six Californias” idea. If he can get about 807,000
names by July 18, the idea would go before voters. Of course, even
it passes, it would still have to get through Congress, making this
seemingly closer to a thought experiment than a potential reality. “I
can’t imagine this would ever go anywhere,” says a government
expert at Dartmouth.

But California, “as it is, is ungovernable,” Draper tells ABC News. “It
is more and more difficult for Sacramento to keep up with the
social issues from the various regions of California.” Under his plan,
the United States would add:
Silicon Valley (San Francisco and San Jose)
South California (San Diego and Orange County)
West California (LA and Santa Barbara)
Central California (Bakersfield, Fresno, and Stockton)
North California (Sacramento)
Jefferson (Redding and Eureka)


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