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Maryann’s Tips for you to start making KEFIR at home!!


STEP 1: Take these GRAINS that are submerged in (organic) Whole milk and transfer them milk & all into a tall glass jar, use ONLY a wooden spoon or plastic spatula if you need to scoop out any GRAINS.

STEP 2: Add about 2 cups of milk (Whole milk is best! Organic whole milk is REALLY, really best!!) Don’t fill the jar to the very top, allow about an inch or two of space. Place this jar (with those grains & milk) on your counter, cover with paper towel, secure with a rubber band (doing this keeps any curious insects out!) Let set in a warm area (at least 70* F) for 12-24 hours! It might even start changing & growing sooner if your KEFIR is sitting in a warmer area. When you notice a change happening (usually within 6 hours) you may STIR your GRAINS but remember…only use a wooden spoon (no metal please)!

STEP 3: Place a small strainer made of plastic (not metal) atop another jar or bowl and pour your KEFIR into the strainer. The liquid (KEFIR!) will strain through GRAINS. You may use a (wooden) spoon to help get the liquid (your KEFIR!) through the strainer. You soon will fill up your new jar or bowl. The GRAINS will remain in your strainer. You may want to strain a second or even third time.

Refrigerate your KEFIR. SAVE your GRAINS!!!

STEP 4: START a new batch!! Repeat the process all over again by adding milk to the GRAINS & leaving out for 12-24 hours.

Enjoy in good health!


Your KEFIR will be a little bubbly and effervescent…That’s normal. Some people refer to it as the champagne of milk! It’ll have a tart, yogurt-like flavor. The taste grew on me. I made a ‘face’ when I first tasted it…now I LOVE it. Straight!!

Always use clean, dry utensils free of soap residue.

If you are not drinking it fast enough, you may put your grains in the fridge covered with a little milk to ‘WAIT’ until you are ready to commence!

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