Another Elvis Sighting? In Iowa of all places!


Willy Sears and his Great Dane, Elvis going for a ride!

An Iowa motorcyclist is drawing a lot of attention on Des Moines roads for his unusual sidecar passenger — a 150-pound Great Dane named Elvis.

Des Moines resident Willy Sears said Elvis keeps watch over him each day when he spends several hours working to repair and restore his classic motorcycles, and the canine will inevitably grow impatient.

“He badgers me to go for rides every day,” Sears said.

He said the dog’s passion for motorcycle riding started when Willy was working on restoring a sidecar. “Last year, it just kind of happened. I had bought a side car that needed to be refurbished and when I had it taken apart, off the bike he was very interested in it,” Sears said. “I had him sit in it and I’d give him a treat he enjoyed it.”


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