Happy Hour Playset? WHAT?

Happy Hour Playset!? WHAT??!!

WHAT?? Is this for real?? Read on….

FISHER-PRICE SAYS ‘HAPPY HOUR PLAYSET’ IS FAKE FOLLOWING SOCIAL MEDIA OUTRAGE: Fake news on social media is a real problem. Fisher-Price responded to a controversial viral photo of a “Happy Hour Playset” featuring a bar and fake beer bottles with a very simple explanation: it isn’t real. A doctored photo purports to show the box for a Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset, complete with toddlers pretending to drink from plastic beer bottles while a surly baby tends bar, and the image sparked amusement and outrage last week when it began to circulate on social media. After a man posted outrage about the ‘product’ on Fisher-Prices’ Facebook page, the company responded, “This product is not endorsed, produced, or approved by Fisher-Price.” The ‘product’ is really just a photoshopped image created by artist Adam Padilla and posted to his meme-creation Instagram account, @adam.the.creator. Padilla said he didn’t expect the picture to go viral, adding, “It’s hysterical. It’s really amazing how many people have seen it. I’m very proud to have made so many people smile.”

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