Peter Finds His Long Lost Guitar



Did you know?

In 1980, a cargo plane carrying Peter Frampton’s equiptment to a show in Panama, crashed. It was reported that all the equiptment was destroyed in the crash.

One of Frampton’s guitars was found… his, beloved ,1954 Gibson Les Paul.

Thanks to the work of two  fans, one in Holland and one on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, and the CEO of the Curaçao Tourist Board in 2012 , Frampton got his guitar back.

The Curaçao Tourist Board helped acquire the guitar from an individual after hearing news that they may have a lead on the long lost guitar. Together in Nashville, TN at the Gibson Custom Shop, with experts from Gibson Guitar and Peter Frampton, the team confirmed it was the original guitar long missing from Frampton’s collection.

Frampton played the guitar on Humble Pie’s Rock On and Rocking the Fillmore albums. The guitar also appeared on sessions for other artists like George Harrison, Harry Nilsson.  Frampton also played the guitar on ‘Frampton Comes Alive!’

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