Worlds Tallest Sandcastle!

This sandcastle measures 48 feet, 8 inches tall and has a circumference of 530 feet!

Legendary sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik made history when he and a team of 45 students built the world’s largest sandcastle on Puri Beach in India’s eastern state of Odisha.

Another incredible view of the sandcastle!


An artist in India constructed the world’s largest sandcastle to promote peace and awareness about art.

Sudarsan Pattnaik and 45 students from his Sudarsan Sand Institute claimed the Guinness World Record for “Tallest sandcastle” for the 48-foot and 8-inch tall work of art they erected at Puri, Odisha in India.

The sandcastle, which had a circumference of 530 feet, featured several intricate designs including the words “World Peace” in the center.

“I am happy that we spread the message of world peace through the world’s tallest sandcastle. This is India’s first sand art placed in Guinness World Records,” Pattnaik said.

Pattnaik’s sculpture surpassed the previous record of 45 feet 10.25 inches created by Ted Siebert on Virginia Key Beach in Miami, Fla. in 2015.

Unlike most other record attempts, which used machinery to collect and compact the sand, Pattnaik’s sand sculpture was constructed entirely by hand.

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