Time to Try Facial Yoga!!

We LOVE Yoga for our body, right? Have you ever considered YOGA for your FACE? You have over 40 muscles in your face alone, so lets start toning a few of those muscles up with these poses.

Many Thanks to my models (most from Clarke broadcasting!)


Bridgette (from KKBN) demonstrates the ‘SURPRISE ME’ eyes. Try and open your eyes as wide as possible! Keep them open as long as you can!

Big Joe (from KKBN) demonstrates ‘FISH FACE!’ Pucker those lips and suck in your cheeks to make this face.

Star 92.7’s Nic Peterson shows us that simply sticking your tongue out ALL THE WAY is a great Facial Yoga pose. Keep it out for 60 seconds…repeat 3 x.

Mark Grauer (Star 92.7) poses with ‘Get Cheeky!’ Puffing out your cheeks will keep your face looking youthful with Facial Yoga!

Maryann (Star 92.7) is showing us ‘Baby Bird’. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth, smile, drop your head back and stretch your chin to the sky…viola! Baby Bird Face!

Maryann’s new grand daughter; Aila shows us a RELAXED face is also a practicing Facial Yoga pose! Close your eyes & Relax.

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