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Josh and Maryann

Josh & Maryann In The Morning


  • Birthday:
  • Hometown:
    • I grew up in the Bay Area. Palo Alto but I moved to San Francisco to go to High School.
  • Year started at KZSQ:
    • November 2013
  • Favorite Sports Team:
    • San Francisco 49ers Baby!!!
  • Favorite Book:
    • The Harry Potter Novels. Anything by Terry Brooks, Terry Goodkind or Christopher Moore.
  • Favorite TV Shows:
    • “Castle”, “N.C.I.S”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Grimm” “Sleepy Hollow” “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”.
  • One thing listeners would be surprised to learn about you:
    • I had the same two roommates for 12 years during and after college! There’s more to the story than can be published.
  • Cat, dog, bird or none of the above:
    • Dog. I’m a “Fur Person” I have 2 dogs. Penny is almost 2. Ziva is almost 8.
  • Best concert you’ve ever seen:
    • Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Reba McEntire, Depeche Mode, Chicago, Janet Jackson. They all know how to put on a show/concert. I was never bored.
  • How do you end your emails?:
    • Josh Thomas-Program Director Star 92.7 KZSQ


  • Birthday:
  • Hometown:
    • I grew up in the Bay Area. Daly City area. But, I’ve considered Tuolumne County home since I moved here in 1975.
  • Year started at KZSQ:
    • June 2004
  • Favorite Food:
  • Favorite Sports Team:
    • I am sooooo bad with anything that has to do with sports…can’t play ‘em & bores me to watch ‘em, I told you…I am so bad.
      (Hey, does watching kids play T~ball count?)
  • Favorite books:
    • My favorite is always the one I happen to be reading at the moment! I lean towards novels narrated by women or girls.
      Among my favorites are “The Arms of God”…I recommend it!!!!
      I also love “Secret Life of Bees”, “The Help” and “Eden Close”
      My best friend reads a novel a day…so I get her hand~me~downs! She & I enjoy the same type of novels, so it works out PERFECT!!
  • Favorite TV shows:
    • I’m TV ignorant (by choice)
  • One thing listeners would be surprised to learn about you:
    • As a child, I was painfully shy.
      As an adult…I lead a double life; my passion for the theatre has kept me acting & directing plays for over 30 years!
  • Cat, dog, bird or favorite animal:
    • I think dogs are my favorite, but a cuddly kitten or rabbit is awfully hard to resist.
  • Best concert you’ve ever seen:
    • Queen for the show, you couldn’t beat Freddie.
      Tina Turner was also an awesome show. Paul McCartney sounded perfect.
  • How do you end your emails? :
    • ~m

    Tuesday, 15 April 2014 04:30

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