A Little Scrabble History.

Alfred Mosher Butts was an American, who invented Scrabble in the 1930’s.

Like many, he was out of work during the Great Depression.   With time on his hands, his creative mind came up with the famous word game

Alfred liked crosswords, chess and other games that made you think. He decided to create a new game that would involve knowledge, strategy and chance.   And that he did.


The first British national Scrabble competition was in in 1971.


He first tried naming it Lexico, no interest from game manufacturers and his dream starting to fade, he renamed it Criss Cross Words. That didn’t work either so finally, in desperation, he called the game simply . . . ‘It’.

His friend, James Brunot, offered to manufacture and market the game when he retired from work in 1948. He was the one who came up with the name Scrabble.

Mr Butts died in 1993, at 93 years old.


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