How ‘Winnie The Poo’ came to be.


Lindsay Mattick wrote a book about her Great Grandfather, (a book about a soldier and a bear) to share her family history with her son.

‘Finding Winnie’ tells us how “Winnie The Poo’ and the characters came to be.

Harry Colebourn,  (her great-grandfather) was a veterinarian on his way to World War I.  His train stopped in a small  town, where a hunter was selling bear cubs for twenty bucks.

Winnipeg was his hometown, thus the cub was named Winnie.   The true story became the foundation for Milne’s wonderful stories of  Winnie The Poo’.

Tardy Letter, for a 9 year old, Written By Bruce Springsteen

Springsteen tardy letter

Bruce Springsteen did a huge favor for a nine-year-old fan attending his Los Angeles show on Tuesday night (March 15th) — he wrote him a tardy note. Vintage Vinyl News reported that young Xabi Glovsky, toted along a sign in the crowd saying: “Bruce, I will be late for school tomorrow. Please sign my note :)” Sure enough, “The Boss” saw the note, and had his people bring Xabi and his dad backstage after the show, where Springsteen wrote the note and posed for a photo.

Where Otis Redding Wrote ‘Sitting on The Dock Of The Bay’


It was 1967 when Otis Redding  wrote his hit, sitting on a house boat, right here, in Sausilito (on a houseboat) ‘I left my home in Georgia, headed for the Frisco Bay’ he had gone to  San Francisco to perform.”     He died in a plane crash shortly before ‘Sitting on The Dock of The Bay’ hit the charts.