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So I found this website where you can add text to a Batman comic. Stupid and fun at the same time. Here’s my attempts. Click here to make your own. – Justin Flores

Justin's Batman ComicJustin's Batman Comic 2


Spray-on liquid glass is coming, and could improve our lives in a number of ways. The invention is transparent, non-toxic, and can protect virtually any surface against almost any damage from hazards such as water, UV radiation, dirt, heat, and bacterial infections. The coating is also flexible and breathable, which makes it suitable for use on an enormous array of products. The liquid glass spray (technically termed “SiO2 ultra-thin layering”) consists of almost pure silicon dioxide (silica, the normal compound in glass) extracted from quartz sand. Water or ethanol is added, depending on the type of surface to be coated. There are no additives, and the nano-scale glass coating bonds to the surface because of the quantum forces involved. According to the manufacturers, liquid glass has a long-lasting antibacterial effect because microbes landing on the surface cannot divide or replicate easily.

… Food processing companies in Germany have already carried out trials of the spray, and found sterile surfaces that usually needed to be cleaned with strong bleach to keep them sterile needed only a hot water rinse if they were coated with liquid glass. The levels of sterility were higher for the glass-coated surfaces, and the surfaces remained sterile for months.

Motherlode Wildlife!

My facebook friend and sista, Connie, posted this photo of a bull in her back yard. It got me thinking, we see so much “awesome” wildlife and spectacular views, I would like your photos to post here as well. We’ll have our own “Motherlode Wildlife Photo Gallery”. What do you say? send me your jpeg photos to and I will begin to archive them here at the site. Thanks in advance.

Justin Flores

Photo by Connie McCamey

Photo by Connie McCamey

Winter Driving Tips

It’s time for a winter driving alert. Last winter, 300,000 drivers in North America were stranded in snowdrifts, or sidelined by cold-weather driving hazards, and over 500,000 crashes occurred last January alone! So, here are five things that you should know:

• It takes longer than you think to stop on an icy road. During dry weather, state troopers recommend the “four second following rule.” In other words, when the car in front of you passes a stationary object – like a highway sign – you should be able to slowly count to four before you pass it. During winter weather, you should add another two seconds for EACH adverse weather condition. For example, if it’s snowy AND icy, follow eight seconds behind so you have enough time to stop.

• A little “roof snow” on a vehicle can cause a crash. Melting snow can fly off a car’s roof at highway speeds, landing on the windshield of the car behind them, and obliterating the driver’s view. So, if you’re following a vehicle coated in ice or snow, keep your distance or change lanes. If your car gets spattered with snow, turn on your wipers full speed, and cautiously pull onto the shoulder until you can see again.

• Brakes are worse than useless in a skid. If your car starts to skid, don’t slam on the brakes. Experts say that’s the best way to lose control of your car. Instead, take your foot off the gas, and slowly steer in the direction you want to go. That’ll help you regain control of your vehicle.

• Also: When snow or sleet is even hinted in the forecast, fill up your gas tank! Drivers who venture out in bad weather and get stuck can find themselves stranded and shivering. If you have a full tank during a serious delay, you can leave your engine idling and run your heater.

• Finally, keep waterproof gloves in your glove compartment during the winter. If you get stuck trying to dig your car out of a snow bank, they’ll drastically reduce your risk of ending up with frostbitten fingers.


Prevention magazine says these home remedies actually work. Comment on this blog and let me know if you’ve ever used any of these remedies.

Apples for whiter teeth
Apples and other crunchy fruits and vegetables act as natural “scrubbers” on the teeth, a natural cleansing action that helps fight stains on enamel.

Listerine for blisters
This mouthwash brand is also a powerful antiseptic, and applied with a cotton ball to blisters 3 times a day, can dry out blisters quickly.

Lemons for motion sickness
Lemons (and olives, too) contain tannins, which dry out saliva — a byproduct of nausea, the “sick” in motion sickness.

Papaya for smoother skin
Papaya contains an enzyme — papain — that acts as a natural yet gentle exfoliator. Try this easy mask: mix 2 tablespoons of papaya (peeled, seeded and washed) in a food processor with 1 tablespoon of dry oatmeal, pat mixture onto clean skin and leave it on for 10 minutes before removing with a wet washcloth.

Sugar for hiccups
Forget drinking water backward or holding your breath; a spoonful of sugar will stop the hiccups. It seems like it works because it’s such a shock to the system to eat straight sugar (yuck!), but professionals say it actually modifies the nerve muscles that contract the diaphragm spasmodically — i.e. a hiccup.

Vodka for stinky feet
A vodka-soaked washcloth will do the trick if you’ve got some foot odor going on. It contains alcohol and works as an antiseptic and drying agent on the odor-causing bacteria that make your feet reek; of course, rubbing alcohol works equally well.

Olive oil for eczema
Sooth a flareup by rubbing 1 teaspoon per square inch of skin in the irritated area; this creates a seal that prevents skin from drying out. Olive oil is packed with antioxidants that can reduce inflammation associated with eczema, and lacks chemical irritants found in many store-bought cures, too.

Ice cream for pizza mouth
Ever burn the roof of your mouth on a slice of hot pizza? A few bites of ice cream will help soothe the burn in that sensitive area, where the skin is only a few millimeters thick.

Pencils for stress headaches
Your mom told you to keep it out of your mouth, but if you’ve got a stress headache, holding a pencil between your teeth may be exactly what you need (but you still shouldn’t chew!). People under stress tend to clench their teeth, which can lead to head pain, and a pencil between your teeth causes you to relax those tense muscles, which in turn prevents the pain.

Duct tape for warts
This is a common folk cure that really does work. — better than freezing them off, according to one study, because chemicals in the tape suffocate and kill the wart. To use this cure, clean the warty area, then cut a piece of tape that’s slightly bigger than the wart. Put the tape over the wart and rub it so it sticks. Take the tape off every three days and file down the dead skin with a pumice stone or nail file; repeat until the wart is gone.

TV’s Biggest Bombs and Blunders

Entertainment Weekly lists what it calls “TV’s 50 Biggest Bombs and Blunders.” Here are the top 25, in order:

  1. NBC putting Jay Leno at 10pm.

  2. Fox yanks “Family Guy” off the air, twice in 1999 and 2002.

  3. ABC airing “Cavemen” based on the Geico ads in 2007.

  4. ABC episode of “Moonlighting” were David and Maddie hook up in 1987.

  5. UPN infamous sitcom “The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer” in 1998.

  6. Premature exiting: Pernell Roberts from “Bonanza” in 1965 at the end of the 6th season. Shelley Long walked out of “Cheers” in 1987 at the end of the 5th season, and David Caruso leaving “NYPD Blue” during the second season of the show.

  7. NBC airing “Coupling” an adaptation of England’s sex obsessed version of “Friends” in 2003.

  8. ABC overdoes it with “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” between 2002-02.

  9. The WB cuts Felicity’s hair, producers decided it would be dramatic for star Keri Russell to chop off her signature long, curly mane at the start of the second season.

  10. NBC and World Wrestling Federation teamed up to create an alternative football league The XFL in 2001.

  11. Terrible late night talk shows including Fox with “The Chevy Chase Show” in 1993 and the syndicated “The Magic Hour starring Magic Johnson” in 1998.

  12. ABC letting reality hosts destroy the Emmys by celebrating the Emmys new category Outstanding Reality Host nominees “Survivor”‘s Jeff Probst, “Dancing With the Stars”‘ Tom Bergeron, “Deal or No Deal”‘s Howie Mandel, “Project Runway”‘s Heidi Klum, and “American Idol”‘s Ryan Seacrest host the entire show in 2008.

  13. CBS Jackie Gleason apologizes for “You’re in the Picture,” a game show which featured celebrities sticking their heads into an illustrated backdrop, then guessing what famous scene they were a part of.

  14. ABC when “The Brady Bunch” added Cousin Oliver in 1974.

  15. CBS for dropping a bunch of kids in a New Mexico ghost town and letting them created their own society, called “Kid Nation” in 2007.

  16. Network and stars pass on hit shows including HBO passing on “Mad Men,” which won raves and Emmy’s for AMC, ABC turning down “CSI” now a CBS winner, Rob Lowe could have been ‘McDreamy,’ if he’d taken ABC up on its offer to play Derek Shephard on “Grey’s Anatomy” the role went to Patrick Dempsey.

  17. NBC with “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” which ran from 2006 to 07.

  18. ABC follow up to Happy Days disaster “Joanie Loves Chachi” between 1982-83.

  19. NBC cancels “Baywatch” in 1990 rates weren’t high enough to pick up the show for a second season, however it ran in syndication for 10 more seasons. NBC canceling “JAG” in 1996, which CBS picked up and the show ran for 9 more seasons and spawned the hit spin off “NCIS.”

  20. CBS replace Bo and Luke Duke with cousins Coy and Vance on “The Dukes of Hazzard” when John Schneider (Bo) and Tom Wopat (Luke) walked out over a contract dispute in the spring of 1982.

  21. Fox with the “American Idol” with kids show “American Juniors” in 2003.

  22. Fox reality show following aspiring filmmakers On the Lot even exec-producers Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett couldn’t make this a hit in 2007.

  23. The “Lost” rip-offs of 2005; NBC “Surface,” CBS “Threshold” and ABC “Invasion.”

  24. NBC president Fred Silverman convincing the network Americans would love a variety show starring Japanese pop duo Pink Lady who spoke little English with the show Pink Lady and Jeff in 1980.

  25. Totally absurd musical dramas including CBS running Viva Laughlin in 2007 and ABC running Cop Rock in 1990.

Amazing Escape!

Photo by Rhonda Biehl

Photo by Rhonda Biehl

Thanks to Rhonda for sending in these photos. No one was hurt and only minor damage to the vehicles. Power had just gone out and the tree took the main lines down with it. Had there been power it could’ve been worse. If you have photos you’d like to share, please email them to me at

Photo by Rhonda Biehl

Photo by Rhonda Biehl

The Tree That Split In Front Of Justin’s House

My wife was putting the chains on the car Friday morning when the tree out front of our house split! She says the sound was creepy! Here’s some pictures. If you have winter weather related pictures that you’d like to share, please email them to me at .

Had this tree split the other way, my daughter's room would've been smashed!
Had this tree split the other way, my daughter’s room would’ve been smashed!

Tree Down At House 2Tree Down At House 3 Photo By Becki FloresTree Down At House 4 Photo By Becki Flores