So there is a lot of 80’s movie remakes in the works. We’ve compiled a list of them. What 80’s movie would you like to see remade? I would like to see a new version of “Bugsy Malone” , I love that movie but it’s from the 70’s. Hope your having a great week, Justin out!

Here’s the list of 80’s movies remakes:

 21 Jump Street (premiered on TV, 1987) — The new live-action adaptation is being co-written by — and starring — “Superbad” funnyman Jonah Hill and there’s even talk of a special Depp cameo. Winter 2012.

Red Dawn (premiered in theaters, 1984) — The upcoming adaptation finds our heroes fighting the Chinese, rather than the Soviets. November 24.

Wall Street (premiered in theaters, 1987) — Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps stars Shia LaBeouf, Oscar nominated Carey Mulligan and the original Gordon Gekko — Michael Douglas. The update will tell the story of a once again young Wall Street trader (LaBeouf) who partners with a disgraced former Wall Street corporate raider (Douglas). September 24.

Footloose (premiered in theaters, 1984) — Dancing with the Stars pro Julianne Hough will play Ariel in the remake while the role of Ren McCormack remains undecided after “Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford recently left the cast. No firm release date has been set.

The Smurfs (premiered on TV, 1981) — The smurfing blue cast will be hitting the big screen on August 3, 2011, in 3D of course. It’s an animated and live action combo with Neil Patrick Harris as Johan (the lead live action character).

A Nightmare on Elm Street (premiered in theaters, 1984) — A new version will be out late this month starring Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger, a role made famous by Robert Englund.

Karate Kid (premiered in theaters, 1984) — Jackie Chan as will play Mr. Miyagi and Jaden Smith is Dre Parker. In the new version, to be released June 11, work causes a single mother to move to China with her young son who embraces kung fu taught to him by a new master.

The A-Team (premiered on TV, 1983) — The new version involves a group of Iraq War veterans looking to clear their name with the U.S. military, which suspects the men of committing a crime which they didn’t commit. June 11.

Tron (premiered in theaters, 1982) — Jeff Bridges reprises his role and the sequel adds Olivia Wilde to the cast. Expect tons of CGI effects. December 17.


Cigarette smoke could be to blame for much of the chronic itchy, runny nose and sinus woes — also known as rhinosinusitis — that plague one in every six US adults. New research (Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario) shows if you’ve had a history of chronic rhinosinusitis or if you have sensitive nasal passages and sinuses and you’re vulnerable, then you should avoid second-hand smoke.

… Researchers say exposure to second-hand smoke — especially on the job and at private social functions like parties and weddings — upped the likelihood of suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis. In fact, they calculated that passive smoking is behind 40 percent of all cases of the condition.

Catch Phrases You Should Quit Saying

Catch phrases you should quit saying according to Men’s Health:

  1. “I meant to…” — Translation: “I thought of you, and then immediately thought of something better.” It’s not always the thought that counts.
  2. “I’m sorry you feel that way.” — An apology doesn’t need to be long or repetitious. You just need to mean it, and to acknowledge that you were wrong not that someone thought you were wrong.
  3. “I’m not here to make friends.” — Reality TV contestants say that to each other all the time. Seriously. Search the phrase on YouTube. Know when that attitude helps in the real world? Never.
  4. “It’s a wi –win.” – Say that and other people hear, “I win and you lose, but you won’t realize that for another 2 weeks when I’m nowhere to be found, so in the end, I win twice.”
  5. “How much do I owe?” — Long division is for the classroom, not the restaurant. Pick up the check once in a while and you won’t feel guilty when your friends do it. It all evens out.
  6. “Here’s what you should do.” — Girls are right: You don’t have to fix every problem. Listening is its own form of help. So let her or your buddy vent, and offer direction only if they ask, “What should I do?”
  7. Anything you scream over live music. — We’re not sure why you’re at the show if you’re not listening, but rest assured everyone else paid $100 to hear “Jungleland,” not what you had for dinner. And when you scream into somebody’s ear, it hurts.
  8. “Cheers!” — It’s like a British car on U.S. roads: ill fitting and dangerous.
  9. “Oh, I know. That’s like when I…” — When a person’s telling a story, this is not an invitation to break in with your own anecdote. Your pal has the floor. When it’s your turn, you’ll appreciate his silence.
  10. “Can you help me move?” — It’s fun to move friends into dorm rooms, not into real homes. If you have a job, come on: Pony up for movers. Then you can invite your friends over for a housewarming party. You’ll be amazed how much beer they’re happy to carry in themselves.
  11. “I’m a good multitasker.” — No, you’re not. Nobody is. And as you peck at your BlackBerry under the dinner table, everyone is silently offended. But at least whoever you’re writing is enjoying a lousy e-mail.
  12. “When are you going to stop talking?” — Maybe you’re not saying it out loud, but we can all see it on your unengaged face. If a conversation bores you, make it better by contributing.
  13. “You’re wrong.” — Healthy disagreement makes you an interesting guy to talk to. Dismissing someone’s idea entirely makes you a radio yakker.
  14. “Call you back later, okay?” — Men have a hard enough time reaching out. When your friend says, “Hey, I need to talk,” he isn’t being casual. He’s downplaying. And whatever else you’re doing can wait.

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Giving Your Baby An Elite Name

It’s not enough anymore to give your infant a cherished family name or an exciting modern name. Now you have another choice if you’re a style-conscious parent-to-be: How about an elite name? Naming expert Pamela Redmond Satran has chosen the top 25 elite names for girls and boys — names that are as classy as a silver spoon and a million dollar trust fund. The top 10 most elite girls’ names are Charlotte, Seraphina, Olivia, Elizabeth, Lucy, Isla, Violet, Sophia, Alice and Maisie. The top 10 most elite boys’ names: Henry, Finn, Oliver, James, Asher, Jack, Jasper, Max, Kai and Atticus.


Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they’re smart with their money. Here are 10 celebs who went broke.

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson owed the IRS $16.7 million in 1990. In order to get on the road again, he released the album The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories. All proceeds went to paying off his debt to the government.

Mike Tyson
Tyson had earned over $300 million during his career as a boxer but jewelry, mansions, cars, limousines, cellphones, parties, clothing, motorcycles and Siberian tigers eventually caught up to him. In 2003 he had to file for bankruptcy, thanks to a colorful variety of debts including $13.4 million to the IRS and a $9 million divorce settlement to his ex-wife, Monica Turner. From 1995 to 1997, he spent $9 million in legal fees, $230,000 on pagers and cellphones, and $410,000 on a birthday party. In June 2002, he owed $8,100 to care for his tigers and $65,000 for limos.

Kim Basinger
Basinger was one of Hollywood’s highest earners in the late ’80s, so she decided to buy the entire town of Braselton, Georgia, for $20 million. Braselton didn’t turn out to be the fruitful tourist attraction she had been hoping for and in 1993 she made yet another foolish move and was sued for backing out of a film she had agreed to star in just four weeks before shooting. She was forced to sell Braselton for just $1 million. Kim was forced to declare herself bankrupt in order to settle the $8 million claim. A costly divorce from first husband, make-up artist Ron Britton, didn’t help matters much either.

Marvin Gaye
Besieged by tax problems and drug addictions, the Let’s Get It On singer filed for bankruptcy in 1979 and moved to Hawaii, where he lived in a bread van and began working on his album In Our Lifetime.

Jerry Lee Lewis
In 1975 the IRS took most the Rock n’ Roll legend’s personal property for back taxes. In 1988 he filed for bankruptcy with three million dollars of debts and no assets.

Burt Reynolds
Reynolds declared bankruptcy in 1996 with $6.6 million in assets and $11.2 million in debts. He owned mansions, a helicopter, and a lavish Florida ranch. Bad investments in two restaurant chains in the late ’80s and ’90s, as well as a falling-off in his box-office clout, were major factors attributing to the Bandit’s financial bust.

MC Hammer
It seems the Hammer did have to pray just to make it today after amassing debts of $13 million and filing for bankruptcy in 1996. Some of his expenses included his modest California home — complete with two pools, cinema, tennis courts and 17-car garage. He also bought a helicopter, several racehorses, and a sound system that required 22 miles of wiring. Not to mention the solid gold chains for his four pet Rottweilers.

Gary Coleman
The once-beloved, highest paid TV child actor from Diff’rent Strokes filed bankruptcy in 1999 citing $72,000 in personal debts. In order to dig himself out of his financial hole, he became the beneficiary of an Internet charity that auctioned off items such as his spatula, sofa, purple bowling ball, size 4 1/2 bowling shoes and his self-described yellow pinstriped “pimp suit”. He even held a contest in which the grand prize was a Christmas shopping spree — with Coleman serving as the winner’s “shopping elf.”

Judy Garland
A combination of tax debts and the demise of The Judy Garland Show left the singer struggling financially. She died of an accidental drug overdose in 1969 at the age of 47.

Michael Jackson
On his death in June, it was reported that Michael Jackson was in debt for $400 million. A Neverland Ranch to maintain, the singer spent $35 million improving the property, which featured two railway lines, two helicopter pads, its own fire department, a zoo and a plethora of amusement park-style rides. Seventy-five cars and lavish gifts such as the $637,000 necklace he bought Elizabeth Taylor made for some of his outrageous expenses. He was also reported as having spent $25,600 a month on ‘medical needs’.