NASA discovers new planet that orbits 2 suns



NASA found a new planet which orbits two suns.  The photo was taken using its Kepler Space Telescope.

Planets that orbit two stars are titled ‘Circumbinary Planets.’   The stars here are similar to our sun, with one slightly larger than our home star and the other slightly smaller.

The planet is the largest transiting circumbinary planet ever found.

Tuolumne City has Concerts in the Park!

Tuolumne 2

(photo Credit: Maryann Curmi) Tuolumne Park & Recreation District Concerts in the park are the place to be on Wednesday evenings! A big, happy crowd gathered for rhythm-blues band; James and the Jukes. For the complete schedule of upcoming bands log onto


Maryann’s Travels to New York City

I captured this view of  New York Skyline from a Cruise around Manhattan Island.

I captured this view of New York Skyline from a Cruise around Manhattan Island.

Freedom Tower

One World Trade Center (formerly The Freedom Tower) Is significant in stature, in design, in its politics, its symbolism, and for the reason it was built. Thousands died when the twin towers fell, and millions were emotionally and psychologically scarred. The Freedom Tower is the replacement for what was once New York’s World Trade Center. It stands at a height of 1,776 feet, and 1,792 feet tall to the very tip of the antenna. Part of the healing process is new growth, which this tower represents.

The Old & The New York

One of the things that I loved most about New York was the way history is preserved. I saw it everywhere…the rail road tracks are maintained now as part of the High Line, Theatres, restaurants just to name a few. This snapshot of a typical street corner shows the Old alongside the New in New York.

Statue Of Liberty

She needs no introduction. Lady Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World) stands proud beckoning newcomers to the land of freedom…the USA. The Statue of Liberty is an imposing figure and one of the most beautiful sights I had the opportunity to photograph while in NYC.