Annoying Things

There are all sorts of annoying things in life — people who cut in line, aggressive drivers, people talking on cell phones in public. Here are the top ten things that both annoy and waste your time, or, more accurately, steal time away from you:

  1. Blow-in cards — magazine subscription cards that fall out when you open it
  2. Extension cords and water hoses — essential tools for the homeowner, but always twisted or full of kinks
  3. Tamper resistant packaging — This may help to save a life, but they sure are annoying
  4. Red lights — Roundabouts can operate more efficiently than signals because drivers are able to proceed when traffic is clear without delay
  5. Microsoft products — Not meant to be a specific criticism of Microsoft, all computer programs lock up or shut down
  6. Telemarketers — Thank goodness for the “do not call list”
  7. Telephone directories — These may help a company route its calls and improve their operating efficiency, but they sure do annoy
  8. Malware — Who hasn’t had to spend too much time getting rid of malware
  9. Customer support — Sure there is some great customer support out there, but the majority just sucks
  10. Too many choices — Do we really need 35 choices in a cold medicine