Facebook Posts!

So I have seen facebook posts that have just baffled my brain and I have found out what it’s all about! Read on and then answer the question yourself on your post. – Justin

As a way to show their solidarity and support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women are posting a Facebook status update that begins with: “I like it on…” As in: “I like it on the floor,” “I like it on the couch” and “I like it on my desk.” The answer: It’s not sex. It’s where they like to keep their purses when they come home:

  • I like it in the backseat.
  • I like it on the staircase hanging from the rail!
  • I like it on top of the TV…but it usually ends up on the floor!
  • I like it hanging from a kitchen chair.
  • I like it under my desk.
  • I like it on the kitchen counter or on the steps leading upstairs.
  • I like it on the seat of the car, on top of the desk, in the office, on the table.

Facebook comments from our fans!

thanks to all for your support of Star 92.7! We love you.
Alyson Lee Macon
Just did. Wow, I’m fast. I am fan #2!!! Woot woot!

Joe Garcia
think Im 7

Justin Flores
Thanks for all of you who are jumping on early! Anytime we post something to our official website www.kzsq.com it will post at the fan site and give you the headsup. Thanks again.

Keith Robbins
Awesome station. Been listening since it first came on the air as KROG (I think)!

  • Justin Flores
    that’s right Keith. man, your old brother

Christine Ravetti Ravely
Okay, Justin, I’m a fan!

Hailey Kerzich
I’m a TOTAL fan man!!! But you already know that! You guys rock! Keep on do’n what you’re do’n! : )

Carol Swartzlander
you guys are always on top of every breaking news event from floods to fires. Living in the foothills, it’s a comfort knowing someone is looking out for us…thanks for all you do

Jennifer Vincent-Haddock
Done and done! Justin, great to see you sweetie!!! I was so excited when Becki said hi awhile back and did the friendvite. You two are still so absolutely adorable! Take care and talk soon.

Justin Flores, John Tesh, and Maryann have been BOOKED!

Facebooked that it is! haha.

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